Fall Wedding Trends

  It's officially time for my favorite season! FALL! Everything about fall gives me a warm, and fuzzy feeling that I just can't get from anywhere else. Everything is prettier, the colors are beautiful, and the weather is perfect! It's no secret that fall is a popular season for weddings. You can find gorgeous flowers, … Continue reading Fall Wedding Trends

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Hey, you're invited! Wait… that didn't really sound right did it? Oh, sorry let's backtrack! It's time for wedding invitations!  You picked the place, and you set a date. Time to make the invites! Wording is always a little tricky for some people. You have a battle between sounding elegant and classy, but modern and different … Continue reading Wedding Invitation Etiquette

How To: Create Your Guest List

  So, you're about to take the plunge. You have the ring, and you set a date. Now time to make the guest list. Where do you begin? Family is obviously a must, your best friends duh couldn't do this without them! Oh no, distant relatives that you barely talk to? Is that a must? What about … Continue reading How To: Create Your Guest List

Welcome To Velour Weddings

I am so excited to start my first blog related to all things weddings!  I am a weddings and events coordinator and I made this to share my ideas and inspiration with you all. As an event planner I eat, breathe, sleep this kind of thing. This blog is the first step to the ultimate … Continue reading Welcome To Velour Weddings