The 7 Most Unique and Fun Guest Book Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Times are changing! We went from signing your name in a booklet, to signing your name on a picture frame of you and your significant other. Now the trends are getting even more innovative! Thanks to our lovely friend, the Internet, we now have access to wonderful ways to create unique touches to our already … Continue reading The 7 Most Unique and Fun Guest Book Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Fall Wedding Trends

  It's officially time for my favorite season! FALL! Everything about fall gives me a warm, and fuzzy feeling that I just can't get from anywhere else. Everything is prettier, the colors are beautiful, and the weather is perfect! It's no secret that fall is a popular season for weddings. You can find gorgeous flowers, … Continue reading Fall Wedding Trends

Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Hey, you're invited! Wait… that didn't really sound right did it? Oh, sorry let's backtrack! It's time for wedding invitations!  You picked the place, and you set a date. Time to make the invites! Wording is always a little tricky for some people. You have a battle between sounding elegant and classy, but modern and different … Continue reading Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Cake, Cake, Cake

= Images Provided By:,, (in order) On today's blog post we're gonna talk about all things sweet. Yep! The best part about planning your wedding is cake tasting! Choosing the right cake for you and your partner is a pivotal part to the whole process. It's really fun to figure out what cake you … Continue reading Cake, Cake, Cake

Floral Arrangements

Image Provided By: Ruffled Blog Floral arrangements are everything! Don't underestimate how powerful it can make the layout of your wedding look! If you're having trouble deciding on a theme to go for in terms of the wedding, florals can save you from indecision. The types of flowers and how the details are set up … Continue reading Floral Arrangements