How To: Keep Your Outdoor Wedding Fun and Comfortable

Let's face it: Outdoor weddings are so beautiful. Especially, if you live in Southern California like me, it's almost too tempting! Along with deciding to have an outdoor wedding, comes with a few conditions. I'm going to show you how to keep your guests as comfortable as possible depending on weather, but also combining that with … Continue reading How To: Keep Your Outdoor Wedding Fun and Comfortable

Picking The Perfect Dress

Image provided by Oh this is big, no this is HUGE This is probably the defining moment for some brides, and the most fun and exciting part. You start shopping around and online, and now you're getting anxiety. The dress has to be perfect! While every woman has different tastes here's a couple tips … Continue reading Picking The Perfect Dress

How To: Create Your Guest List

  So, you're about to take the plunge. You have the ring, and you set a date. Now time to make the guest list. Where do you begin? Family is obviously a must, your best friends duh couldn't do this without them! Oh no, distant relatives that you barely talk to? Is that a must? What about … Continue reading How To: Create Your Guest List