6 Ways to Save On Indian Weddings

Photo Via: Wed Me Good It's no surprise that Indian weddings can get pretty costly. There are so many intricate details that go into them, and things add up quickly. Here are six tips that won't hurt your wallet! Accommodations People from all over the country, and even different parts of the world are gathering … Continue reading 6 Ways to Save On Indian Weddings

Everything You Need To Know About Guest Welcome Bags

Guest welcome bags are so awesome! Whoever thought of this idea should get some type of award because let me tell you we are kind of sort of, maybe a little too obsessed. (Does the saying sorry, not sorry work here?) It's a great keepsake and a warm welcoming gift to all of your lovely … Continue reading Everything You Need To Know About Guest Welcome Bags

How To Pick Your Vendors

"How do I pick the right vendors?" This is a question that I get quite often as a wedding planner. Sometimes, my clients feel they don't need a wedding planner so they would rather pay for hourly consultation services. (See about me section for more information) During the consultation the first question my brides ask … Continue reading How To Pick Your Vendors

How To: Honor A Loved One At Your Wedding

Author's Note: First and foremost, this post is in memory of my father who is no longer with us. I miss you every single day. But more importantly this post is dedicated to those who lost their lives during the tragic events of 9/11. Your presence will forever be missed and you will never be … Continue reading How To: Honor A Loved One At Your Wedding

Being The Maid of Honor 101

Can we talk major excitement here?! You get to be your BFF's Maid of Honor! You spent countless nights sleeping over at your bestie's house talking about this particular moment and it's finally here! You swore you'd kill her if she picked out the ugliest dress, but you also promised to be right by her … Continue reading Being The Maid of Honor 101

The Wedding Registry Redefined

We thought we'd mix things up and provide some tips for our newly engaged couples and your wedding guests! Wedding registry's are the fun part of your wedding because you get all these fun and personal gifts from your guests. *dramatic pause for the ooooh's and aaaah's* Back in the day, they were a little more tedious to … Continue reading The Wedding Registry Redefined

How To: Planning The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Time to pop a bottle, get the party favors, and get some aspirin ready for the next morning. Because we're gonna give you tips on how to plan a kick ass Bachelor and Bachelorette party! So, first things first: Create a guest list! Make a list of people who are going to be there for the … Continue reading How To: Planning The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

A Girl’s Favorite Thing

Photo Via: MODWeddings The fellas might want to sit this one out because this one is all about the ladies! Shoes! Yes, a girls favorite thing! (one of them anyways) We have spent years training for this day! By training I mean spending frivolous amounts of money, on shoes we probably wear one time, because … Continue reading A Girl’s Favorite Thing