About Me

“Find someone who can make you feel completely comfortable and “first-date” nervous at the same time. That’s love.”

Oh hey, there! My name is Shivangi and I am a wedding and events coordinator. Velour Weddings was founded in 2015 to help all the wonderful brides & grooms of the world… well my in my tiny corner of the world. Which is the Los Angeles and Orange County area.

I’ve worked weddings and events for five years now, so I’m sure it goes without saying that this is truly a passion of mine. Being able to orchestrate someone’s special day is what truly warms my heart. My favorite part about weddings: hard to say! But I definitely have to go with seeing the whole thing unfold the day of the wedding. I love to see all the details that I’ve been working on come together.

I love ice cream on cold days, pizza on a Friday night, and watching endless reruns of Gilmore Girls. I sincerely hope that the Velour Weddings team can make your event everything you dreamed it would be.

I believe that love should be celebrated, and that’s why I enjoy this industry so much.

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