DIY Til’ I Die

Personally, I’m a huge of of DIY. It’s a fun activity, as well as an opportunity to tell people that you made a stellar piece of art. Wedding’s get pricy really quick! So, it’s a great idea to Do It Yourself if you can.

I bet you’re thinking, “But what’s so fun about it?” I thought you’d never ask! If it’s a big project, you can involve your to-be in-laws, your parents, and even some of your bridal party! It’s a fun bonding activity that can help your loved ones feel involved in your wedding. Not to mention, it adds a great personal touch, and if saving money isn’t fun I’m not sure what is.

So without further ado,

  1. Welcome Cocktails 

    Via: stevethebartender

A perfect summer wedding treat! These are fun and you can also get away with drinking one, or two… maybe three while you make them! Pick your favorite cocktail and place them in mason jars with ice to keep em’ cool. This idea does take a bit of pre-planning as you want to make sure they are as fresh and cold as possible, it’s a great way to save a little bit of money on open bar.

Via: The Knot

2. Polaroid Cake Toppers

I mean it’s the little things right? Cake toppers can range anywhere from $15 to $75. Why spend that much money for something you probably won’t ever use every again? Take two polaroid photos of you and your partner, and paste them to sticks, and place those on the cake. Nothing says happily ever after like a sweet treat with your face on it. Am I right?!?



3. Backdrops 

Backdrops are all the craze right now. DIY one’s are even better. Having a personalized backdrop for your wedding so guests can take photos there, is a fun way to make memories. I like the idea of using a chalkboard because you can add anything and everything you want to it. The sky’s the limit here!

Via: Jessica Ricco

4. Guest Welcome Bags


If you’re a regular here, then you already know we’ve covered this. Guest welcome bags are fun, and they’re a pretty easy DIY project. You can fill them with a snack, your favorite treats, personalized messages, and whimsical things like Tylenol for the morning after hangover. Click here if you’d like to see the full post on how to construct one!







5. Signage

Via: Wedding Wire

If I had a dollar for every time I told you guys how much I love signage, I’d be a very wealthy woman. It’s so pretty to look at, and it adds the softest touch. Buying them from online sellers isn’t as inexpensive as you think. They can be priced as high as $120, sometimes more depending on the item. So, why not make it yourself? Depending on what kind of material you make it on, you may even be able to recycle it for a different party. Need I say more?





Via: Elegant Wedding Invites

6. Lace and Burlap

These are always winners in my book. It’s a huge trend and you can’t go wrong with it! This is a great way to designate special seating for important guests. Usually, the bride and groom like to have reserved seating for their immediate family, and sometimes the bridal party as well. For these seats, create a design for the chairs using lace and burlap. Often times, guests get confused for where they can and cant’ sit. This is easy way to clear confusion.




That’s all for this post! If you’d like to see something special on the blog please leave a comment below! Thanks for reading, see you next time!


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