Southern California Photo Shoot Locations

Oh my… it’s been a while hasn’t it? I know, I’m sorry! We’ve been wound up with weddings and other endeavors that we forgot to show our blog a little love. But we’re back, and we are here with a brand new post! I hope this post gives you the warm and fuzzy feels it gives me. If it does, be sure to leave a comment below!

Today we’re going to give you some prime locations for engagement shoots! Lucky for us, we live in Southern California, where the sun’s always shining and the options are endless. So without further ado, let’s talk about it!

  1. Union Station – Los Angeles, CA

I HAD to start off with something downright jaw dropping. I absolutely adore how rustic this place is. It’s unique and personable. Some amazing moments have been captured here, and I can see why! It’s a unique location that makes for some breathtaking photos. Be weary of the time you decide to have your photo shoot. Some times are busier than others, and it’s doubtful that you want other people in your shoot.

2. Downtown Fullerton, CA

This may sound unlikely to you, but it’s actually pretty darn beautiful location for an engagement shoot. Remember how I have thing for unique, and just absolutely gorgeous places? Well, it’s places like this that gives me all the feels. There are specific parts of this location that make for the best photography. So, make sure you scope out the best parts of Downtown Fullerton. But really though, this picture is amazing.


3. Laguna Beach, CA

Lin and Jirsa Phtography
It’s no surprise that this location made the list! If you’re looking for a location that’s going to leave you breathless, then look no further! Laguna Beach is perfect for a romantic shoot. Despite the time of day, you can get some amazing shots in. We are in love with this location, and we’re sure you will be too! There are several parts of Laguna that makes for amazing shoot, so ask your photographer which is the most spot is ideal for you!


4. Malibu, CA

B&G Photography
Since we’re on the topic of beaches, El Matador State Beach is phenomenal location. It gives you that sun kissed feel, and a nice touch of nature. The amazing thing about photographers is that they make an already beautiful location, even more magnificent. If this picture doesn’t depict that, then I don’t know what does. It’s important to do you research on what parts of the beach are ideal for the type of photos you want. When picking your photographer make sure you mention the types of shots, and the images that you want your own pictures to portray.

Thanks for much for reading! If you know of an amazing place in Southern California for a wedding, be sure to leave it in the comments below. If you like what you read be sure to subscribe to the blog! See you next time!

(P.S. I promise to not go on a major hiatus again)





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