6 Ways to Save On Indian Weddings


Photo Via: Wed Me Good

It’s no surprise that Indian weddings can get pretty costly. There are so many intricate details that go into them, and things add up quickly. Here are six tips that won’t hurt your wallet!

  1. Accommodations

People from all over the country, and even different parts of the world are gathering for your special day! As a host, some people feel like it’s apart of their duties to accommodate their stay. It can get costly to pay for numerous hotel rooms. Instead, try opting for a large Airbnb that can accommodate big groups. A house in Los Angeles with eight beds for three nights isn’t too bad! Or, you can try and see if extended family can take in a few people. Most family members don’t mind if they have the space.

2. Something Borrowed

Indian bridal outfits are pretty pricy to say the least. Often times, you need more than one outfit. Try and see if you can borrow an outfit for your sangeet or mehndi. It’s one less item you have to buy, and the people who wore it themselves probably won’t wear it again either. Most people usually have a sister, or cousin that can hand down an outfit! Another option, is renting your outfit online.

3. The Food

Indians love entertaining at their weddings. It’s sweet and thoughtful, but people don’t need 15 choices for their main course, and another 7 for desserts. See where you can cut down, and you can end up saving thousands of dollars but cutting down a few choices.

4. Cutting Down The Guest List

This is probably the most obvious one, but also the hardest for people to do. I made a post on how to create your guest list efficiently a while back which goes into more detail about who to invite and who not to invite. If you’re looking for a big cost saver, this is going to be it!

5. Engaged For Longer

If you don’t mind having a long engagement, this is an ideal option for you. If you have a 2-year long engagement, that gives you plenty of time to save up and budget accordingly. Budgeting is a huge factor that can allow you to have everything you want, without tiring out your credit card. Decide early on about what are your must haves at your wedding. Then decide who is paying for what and carve out your schedule.

6. DIY

Making some of your party favors is an easy and fun way to save so much money. You can create your own, center pieces, framed wedding programs, back drops, you name it! It’s fun and personable, and there is no way to wrong. If you can dream it, you can do it.

Comment below if you want to know how to create DIY favors. See you next time!



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