Everything You Need To Know About Guest Welcome Bags

Guest welcome bags are so awesome! Whoever thought of this idea should get some type of award because let me tell you we are kind of sort of, maybe a little too obsessed. (Does the saying sorry, not sorry work here?)

It’s a great keepsake and a warm welcoming gift to all of your lovely friends and family who are about to partake in your special day. This trend has become wildly popular and we’re here to give you the 411.

Photo Via: http://www.jessicaricco.com

Make it fun, whimsical, and personable.

The type of bag you choose is entirely up to you. You can do mini tote bags, or decorative bags or whatever else that floats your… bag.

Inside of it? Now we’re getting to the fun part:  Start out with a wedding itinerary in the bags so your guests know what to expect for the day. Then depending on the weather you can put mini fans if it’s hot, or gloves if it’s cold to ensure your guests are comfortable. Add some sweet and salty to snacks for them to nibble on. Next add beverages like water, or cider so your guests can wash down the snacks! Following that, put in some Tylenol, “Do Not Disturb” signs, or hangover type items for a silly added touch. Finally, follow it with a thank you note and a small souvenir so your guests can remember this night forever.

Be creative on how you want to distribute the bags too! You can designate someone to deliver them to each guest the day before the wedding. Or you can have a table at the entrance of the venue with cute signage instructing your guests to pick one up.  If you have guests coming out of town and staying in hotels, you can have the hotel staff deliver it up to their rooms before they arrive. Nothing says welcome like a welcome bag, right?

That’s all for now we’ll see you next time! Don’t forget to share the link with anyone who’s getting married. Happy Planning!


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