The 7 Most Unique and Fun Guest Book Ideas You’ll Ever Need

Times are changing! We went from signing your name in a booklet, to signing your name on a picture frame of you and your significant other. Now the trends are getting even more innovative! Thanks to our lovely friend, the Internet, we now have access to wonderful ways to create unique touches to our already unique events. So here are a few of our favorites:

Bride Box1. The Polaroid Series – I love this idea! It’s most certainly a personal favorite! You leave a Polaroid camera with a sign that instructs your guests to take a selfie and place it inside the guest book and then sign it. How cute is that?!? I’ll answer for you… IT’S ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE. Years from now when you want to look back on your special day, you can skim through the book and see pictures of all your lovely guests.

2. Date Jar – This is a super innovative way to get your guests involved in your life once you’ve been married! Leave a date jar at table and instruct your guests to write a cute date idea and sign it with their name. Then whenever you and your significant other are in the mood for a date night, open up your date jar! You’ll have a grand time, and you can remember the sweet guest who gave you the great idea!

images3.The Family Tree – This trend has been wildly popular lately. In fact one of my latest brides did this for her wedding! You can buy a family tree, similar to this picture, on Etsy or any craft site, and leave ink pads for your guests to place their thumb print upon the branches. Then, they sign their name on their thumb print. It symbolizes the imprint your guests have left on your lives. It’s a lovely keepsake and you can even hang it in your home once you’ve moved in!Etsy

4.  The Globe – This idea screams unique! Leave a globe or a map on a table, and instruct your guests to sign their names on their favorite travel destination, along with a piece of advice when visiting there. This idea also makes for a great keepsake and its useful for the future. You can thank your guests when you have the best time on your vacations because of them!

lovevsdesign-rusticmadlibs1-685x4565. Wedding Mad Libs – It’s a great way to get great marriage advice! Leave these mad libs at the place setting of every table. They can fill out the sheet and then sign it with their name at the end. After your wedding you and your significant other are in for a hilarious read!

6. Holiday Inspired Ornaments- This idea is perfect if you have a winter wedding, preferably around Christmas time. It might be a little bit awkward to do this in June or something. You can leave ornaments for your guests to sign and you can use them when you decorate your Christmas tree. It’s cute, and intimate, and I love everything about this because you can keep it stored for years to come. It’s great to hand down from generation to generation as well.

Crafty Morning7. Jenga – To me the best part about planning your wedding is designing it to tailor your likes. You can be as silly or as whimsical as your pretty little heart desires. This jenga idea is one of the most personal ways to create your perfect unique touch.

Comment below and tell us what are your favorite ideas from this list! We’ll see you next time.

All photos are courtesy of and Bride Box


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