Fall Wedding Trends

Photo By: Nessa K Photography/The Knot


It’s officially time for my favorite season! FALL! Everything about fall gives me a warm, and fuzzy feeling that I just can’t get from anywhere else. Everything is prettier, the colors are beautiful, and the weather is perfect! It’s no secret that fall is a popular season for weddings. You can find gorgeous flowers, breathtaking decor, and stunning dresses. You can wear a full sleeved lace dress that you wouldn’t be able to in the summer.

Fall is the best season incorporate little but personal details which will make your guests feel cozy, yet impressed. If you’re struggling with picking a theme for your wedding, using a season is perfect and easy go-to. Here are some fun and easy ways to get your guests into the fall spirit for your wedding:

  1. Serve Warm Cider – Nothing like that warm and comforting feeling! Have a warm cider bar your guests can help themselves to while co-mingling right before you walk down the aisle.
  2. Color Me Pretty – The use of colors are endless during Fall. Use tons of gold, canary yellow, orange, and auburn in your decor to bring Fall to life.
  3. Vine Place Cards – It’s simple to find or make place cards for your guests that are designed with leaves, and trees
  4. Table Seating – If you’re having prearranged seating then you can use mini pumpkins that say which table your guests can find their seats
  5. Elegant Centerpieces – The centerpieces for the tables can scream Fall by using these flowers: Dahlia, Bi-color Roses, Aster Flowers
  6. Sweet Treats – Serve caramel apples for yummy treat for your guests to indulge on
The possibilities are endless for Fall wedding trends. Remember it’s all about the little details that will bring your wedding to life. Have fun with it! That’s all for this week we’ll see you next time!

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