Vendor Spotlight Lin and Jirsa

Photography By: Lin and Jirsa
Photography By: Lin and Jirsa

A word of advice for your wedding: Your pictures are one of the few things that you’ll be able to take back from your wedding day; so pick your photographer wisely. As a wedding planner myself, I search high and low for the best in the business, and the most fun to work with. It’s my job to provide my clients with vendors who are truly gifted in their craft. I didn’t have to look any further once I found Lin and Jirsa.

The Art

I sat down with the studio manager of Lin and Jirsa, Jackie (who is as sweet as can be, might I add!) and we talked about everything that this team gives to their clients. Jackie was an absolute pleasure to talk to!

Lin and Jirsa’s style of photography is very modern and chic. You can get everything from traditional poses, to candid shots but are most well known for their cutting-edge nighttime shots and off-camera lighting work. Every photographer that is apart of Lin and Jirsa has a genuine passion for photography. It’s no wonder that they quickly rose to be one of the most sought out photographers in the industry. They shot well over 300 weddings and wedding related events last year!

Mood Boards

I’ve found that the hardest thing when working with clients is really getting to know what exactly they want, and then delivering it. It’s a strong skill that Lin and Jirsa have has acquired, because their top priority is to exceed their client’s expectations.

Each client is as different as the last. They find it imperative to really figure out what it is that each one wants.  One of the most intriguing factors about Lin and Jirsa is how they incorporate mood boards for their clients. Mood boards gives them an idea of what the must-have shots and help to determine the clients stylistic preferences.

Industry Leaders

Aside from taking stellar photographs for their clients, they are also leading educators in the industry. They teach all levels of photographers in workshops and create tutorials teaching photography concepts on their sister site SLR They successfully built one of the largest online photography communities where news, ideas and techniques are shared. If this doesn’t scream passion, I don’t know what does!

Advice For Newly Engaged Couples

I asked Jackie what she considers important to ask photographers, when searching to hire. She finds it necessary to make sure you see ,a full wedding and to not just go off of what you see on a photographer’s their site. Their site shows you their best pictures, not their quality of work.

She also  recommends hiring a wedding planner as they can save you from excess stress. (YES!). There have been many occasions where they’ve completed wedding planner duties by reviewing wedding time lines and ensuring the wedding stays on schedule, but have found that planners a planners expertise is essential to a successful wedding and allows the photographer to  focus on their gifted craft.

Jackie’s biggest piece of advice to the soon-to-be bride is to, most importantly, “take it all in and enjoy the day”, because this is one of the biggest days in  her life. Thanks for reading! We’ll be back next week!

To Contact Lin and Jirsa:

Instagram: linandjirsa



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