Vendor Spotlight: Nikita Parmar

It’s the little details that bring your whole event together. Art work and signage is one of them! It creates a wonderful tone, and pleasant vibe for your guests. We’re bringing you to your one stop shop for all things artsy! Introducing Nikita Parmar! As a wedding planner, I need to have the most creative and imaginative vendors by my side. I’m glad to say Nikita is one of them! I’ve hired her for past occasions and working with her is a breeze.

What makes Nikita so fun and easy to work with is how simple it is to connect with her. She listens to your ideas, and tries to incorporate them with her own and the end result is uncanny. It’s never too much, trouble and she is in constant contact with you every step of the way. Her services are not just limited to weddings, she can art work and signage for almost any event!  Can you say the perfect vendor ten times fast?! (It’s cool we can’t either)

We sat down with her wanting to know about her work, to find out why she loves making art work. So we did just that. Here’s a first look at Nikita!:

Q: When did you start making artwork, and how did you realize you had a passion for it?

A: My passion for art ignited the moment I could pick up a pen and paper. It was clearly evident that I wanted to do more so when my dad recognized this, he decided to put me in art classes where my passion grew. I learned so much about different types of media and I knew this was something I would never give up. Eventually I began receiving awards, continued on to city art shows, and kept exploring different mediums of art so I could fully express myself and my visions.

Q: What are your favorite types of art pieces to make?

A: I love working with charcoal, although it does get really messy. But when precision and detail is required, I resort to ink. Nonetheless, I enjoy working with all types art because I see it as a challenge and acquire new ways pour my emotions.
Q: What do you enjoy most about creating art?

A: Not to be cliche, but pictures speak a thousand words. I can pour my emotions in ways that words cannot describe. I have an image in my head and I create it. Sometimes it doesn’t turn out exactly the way I want it, but hey you can try again or keep it.

Q: What types of art are open to creating/designing for future clients?

A: I’m open to any DIY projects. I can do anything ranging from quotes to design. Portraits to goodie bag designs tailored to the theme of the client’s event. One of the things I enjoy about my current role as a OC Autism committee member is that I get to make props and pieces for their events. Each event has a different theme so it keeps my ideas flowing.

Q:Where can clients get a sneak peek or first look at your type of work?

Q: What is your favorite type of event to make artwork for? (i.e. weddings, graduations, birthday parties)

A: I love making stuff for all events! I can make personalized graduation caps, weddings portraits for the couple, props for birthdays. You request a piece where you give me an idea of what you are looking for and I make it come to life.  I can do all sorts of different styles. Anything ranging from rustic to glamorous.

Contact Nikita for your consultation today!


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