Introducing: The Curl Bar


Introducing: The Curl Bar! We are so excited to finally debut this big addition to our company! After hours of trial and error we can finally say we have it perfect! The Curl Bar is an efficient hair design component that is officially apart of Weddings And All!

This package was specially designed and tailored to help the bridesmaids look fabulous! We have created this to efficiently save time for your when your bridal party is getting ready. As the owner of this company I take pride and being able to add this addition. We can curl, or wave your hair to perfection!

We Don’t Believe In Curlers

You didn’t misread that. We use two tools to ensure perfection: The straightener, and the wand. Curlers create ugly clamps on the ends of your hair in the event you make a mistake, it is very hard to fix. Whereas, when we you use straighteners or wands, the mistake is easily reversible.

We Hardly Ever Use Hairspray

I have personally never used hairspray on any one of my clients, or myself. 99% of the time the curls sustain and stay intact. But for security purposes and so your pictures come out flawless we use it.

The Breakdown:

While the bride is getting ready for the biggest moment of her life, it is as equally important for her bridal party to look amazing! We bring it all to you. All you have to do is sit there and prepare to be amazed!

Each bridesmaid is required to have a trial run for her hair to ensure the look is a perfect fit for each bridesmaid. The trial is completely complimentary.

Bear in mind, that this addition is not just for the bridesmaid any person apart of the wedding party (including the bride) can utilize the means of The Curl Bar.

E-mail us at: for more information!


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