The Wedding Registry Redefined

We thought we’d mix things up and provide some tips for our newly engaged couples and your wedding guests!

Wedding registry’s are the fun part of your wedding because you get all these fun and personal gifts from your guests. *dramatic pause for the ooooh’s and aaaah’s* Back in the day, they were a little more tedious to use; going into a store typing in the couple’s name etc. Introducing Zola Registry. This is the most efficient means of picking and receiving your gifts!

The Breakdown:

You start off by personalizing your page with welcome notes for your to-be guests! It’s a good idea to make this as meaningful as possible as it is the first impression your guests receive, and it’s a warm way to let them know how excited you are to have them be apart of your special day.

His, and Hers

You can pick items from a variety of top brands all of which Zola provides. He can pick his grilling, and sporting items, while she can pick her kitchen, and furnishing items. Everyone wins! If one of your items seems to be on the pricier side, you can set up group gifting so everyone can donate as much as they can. Zola also gives the option of having a honeymoon fund as well, in case you want to allocate money towards the getaway trip!

Gifts On The Way!

Zola can hold your gifts until you move in to your new home making it way easier since you don’t have to worry about transporting gifts from point A to B…and sometime B to C, and C to — you get me. You can even virtually exchange or return unwanted items so you don’t have to go through the hassle of re-gifting to another relative. Aw, how thoughtful are you?

All In One Place

The whole time people are buying gifts for you it stays neatly organized in your registry. You get direct notifications on your phone and e-mail letting you know who purchased what for you. Can it get any easier? Try out Zola today!


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