How To: Planning The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Photo Courtesy Of: Etsy
Photo Courtesy Of: Etsy

Time to pop a bottle, get the party favors, and get some aspirin ready for the next morning. Because we’re gonna give you tips on how to plan a kick ass Bachelor and Bachelorette party!

So, first things first: Create a guest list! Make a list of people who are going to be there for the fun mini vacation!

Next step: THE FUN PART! Decide on a destination! The most common locations are Las Vegas, Nevada, Miami, Florida, and even Los Angeles, CA. Of course these are just the bigger and more populated locations; you can go a different way and have your party local in a small town. After all, it’s the company that’s going to make it memorable!

Some people like to create a theme for their party which is super fun and creative! However, on a personal note I would rather have fun gimmicks rather than a theme! Like the picture above (Provided by you can pre-order these custom pins for your guests. It’s fun and an eye catcher! Other things you can add to your party are a sash for the to-be bride, to make her stand out and feel important, and pins for the attendees that say: “*insert name here* Bachelor/Bachelorette Party”

The Real Deal

How about spicing up the night a little? Divide your party into two teams. Create a risqué scavenger hunt for your girls or guys that entail doing a list of fun things that push boundaries. (We’ll leave the inappropriate details to your discretion) Make sure each team takes a picture after each task is completed to prove that it was done. For budget purposes these pictures can be taken on your phone. But if you want to get a little crazy you can give each team a disposable camera so you can develop the pictures later and make copies to give to your attendees!

Your MOH and BM might not be the best party planner, but have no fear: THE BACH is here! The Bach is your one stop shop to planning your party! It’s fun and super user friendly! It helps you pick a location, and create an itinerary for your guests to use. After you’re done, just send out the invites!


What are your must-have ideas for your Bachelor, or Bachelorette party? Comment below!


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