A Girl’s Favorite Thing


Photo Via: MODWeddings

The fellas might want to sit this one out because this one is all about the ladies! Shoes! Yes, a girls favorite thing! (one of them anyways) We have spent years training for this day! By training I mean spending frivolous amounts of money, on shoes we probably wear one time, because it would be disastrous if anyone saw us wearing six inch nude peep toe heels more than once. (Kidding)

Picking the right shoes is a vital part of the process, even though men probably would not agree. They have to be comfortable but elegant and classy. While women see no budget when it comes to buying shoes, it is always smart to have one. Shop around and see what the average is, and then decide how much money you would be willing to allocate to the cause. The general average for wedding shoes is anywhere between $100 to $275. Yes, beauty definitely hurts.

Brides underestimate the fact that they will be walking around all over the place for the entire day and night. From walking down the aisle, to making the rounds at each table to greet your guests. It gets tiring! Be sure to break your shoes in AHEAD OF TIME. The worst thing you could do to yourself is have huge blisters on your feet from brand news heels!

Pay no attention to the fact that there is no traditional styles of shoes in my personal opinion. You could have three inch heels, or six. Doesn’t matter. Whatever makes you feel the most comfortable and beautiful at the same time.

Remember to order ahead if you’re buying them online. The rule of thumb when planning your wedding is when purchasing products online always do it months and advance to ensure it will be there. Happy shoe hunting ladies!


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