How To: Keep Your Outdoor Wedding Fun and Comfortable

Image By: The Huffington Post

Let’s face it: Outdoor weddings are so beautiful. Especially, if you live in Southern California like me, it’s almost too tempting! Along with deciding to have an outdoor wedding, comes with a few conditions. I’m going to show you how to keep your guests as comfortable as possible depending on weather, but also combining that with a modern and fun must-haves to add to your wedding.

First off, once you have decided you want an outdoor wedding, bear in mind of what time of year you have it in depending on your location and climate/weather. For instance, if you live in Southern California and you know you want your outdoor wedding in July. Be prepared to have accommodations and amenities for your guests as July is one of the hotter months of they year.

Ways To Prepare For A Summer Outdoor Wedding

  1. 1. A fun thing you can do is to provide your guests with sunglasses they they can pick up while walking in to the seating area. It’s fun, festive, and keeps your guests from getting cranky.
  2. Have tons of refreshments of available: cold water, soda, alcohol
  3. A great way to glorify outdoor weddings is to add in things like a rustic ice cream cart. It’s so fun and memorable and it’ll leave your guests feeling impressed.
  4. Provide moist cloths or wet toilette’s for your guests in case they need to cool off from the heat.
  5. You can set out hands fans and a schedule of events on the chairs so your guests have a little something to read, and fan off while they await your entrance.
  6. Be sure to add a canopy if it’s going to be unbearably hot. If it’s going to be that hot you wouldn’t want to be in the scorching heat with your partner, and nor would your guests.

Ways To Prepare For A Winter Wedding

  1. Have tons of blankets and scarves your guests can help themselves to with a cute little note attached to it saying, “So You Don’t Catch A Cold” it’s fun and personable!
  2.  Have a s’more bar  that your guests can enjoy. Tasty and delicious and the perfect way to feel warm.
  3. You can provide hot chocolate or coffee as well, in cute disposable cups. Your guests can sip on a warm beverage while enjoying your wedding.
  4. Have disposable tissues and cold medicine! You can never be too prepared.
  5. Heat lamps are a must. Place them all around the exterior of the seating area. Be very careful, and take the necessary precautions. Speak with your venue manager, and your wedding planner to ensure that their are no safety hazards as to where you place them.
  6.   Depending where you live if it gets freezing cold, have mittens is a cute touch to add.

Outdoor Weddings General Rule Of Thumb

Always have a back up plan in case the weather turns for the worse. Have canopy’s ready at your disposal, in case it rains. Have props ready to hold down linens in case it’s gets too windy. And for the worst case scenario: have a back up venue ready in case you have to rush your guests elsewhere for safety or health reasons. Make sure you tell your photographer your must-have shots of you and your partner. The best shots are the outdoor ones. Schedule a specific time in which you can have these memorable photos taken.

But overall, enjoy having a beautiful outdoor wedding. I can’t imagine something more breathtaking. See you next time!


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