Cake, Cake, Cake


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On today’s blog post we’re gonna talk about all things sweetMy wedding.comYep! The best part about planning your wedding is cake tasting! Choosing the right cake for you and your partner is a pivotal part to the whole process. It’s really fun to figure out what cake you want and how you want it to look.

Wake up and smell the frosting, people! You no longer have to go for a traditional circular three tier cake. Nowadays, bakers have gotten so creative with wedding cakes that it’s no longer plain and simple. There are different dimensions, and colors, it is so amazing to see.

SomWyrdfe people no longer even have cakes at their wedding. It is common to have three tiers of cupcakes rather than a big cake to make it a little more personal. Scandal star Katie Lowes, and her now husband were OBSESSED with Oreos, so they had Oreos at their wedding instead of a cake. Personally, I would want to have a cake so I would have an Oreo flavored wedding cake versus simply Oreos. But you get the idea. You can do whatever it is that you and your partner want to make your wedding as unique as possible.

Cakes have gotten so versatile from shapes and colors, to design as well! It’s no longer just buttercream anymore. It’s so amazing to see people turn their wedding into an amazing experience for their guests. What’s your favorite flavor for cakes? Comment below and share!


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