Picking The Perfect Dress


Image provided by http://www.rosiewhitely.tumblr.com

Oh this is big, no this is HUGE This is probably the defining moment for some brides, and the most fun and exciting part. You start shopping around and online, and now you’re getting anxiety. The dress has to be perfect! While every woman has different tastes here’s a couple tips no matter what type of wedding dress you choose:

Pick out your dress around 8 months in advance. Yep, it has to be that far in advance. Sometimes your dress may not be available, or your dress might need serious alterations, you never know. No bride wants their worst nightmare coming to life when the perfect dress won’t be available till AFTER your chosen wedding date.

Make sure your first fitting is as accurate as possible. Obviously the measurements may change, but for the sake that it doesn’t you want it to be perfect!

For your bridesmaids you may want to pick out their dresses around the same time. Some people say picking it 4 months in advance is ideal, but me being the OCD extra pre-cautious person that I am, I would do it that much earlier. Why? Every girl is a different shape and size, it’s hard to find a dress that flatters each and everyone of their bodies.


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