How To: Create Your Guest List

Images provided by Huff Post, and It's A Bride Life (via Pinterest)
Images provided by Huff Post, and It’s A Bride Life (via Pinterest)


So, you’re about to take the plunge. You have the ring, and you set a date. Now time to make the guest list. Where do you begin? Family is obviously a must, your best friends duh couldn’t do this without them! Oh no, distant relatives that you barely talk to? Is that a must? What about his relatives? His friends? Aunts and uncles from out of town?

Oh boy.

This is where the confusion kicks in. Not to mention the anxiety. I think the mistake that most people make after setting the date is making the guest list. A crucial component before you start on the list, is setting a budget for the entire wedding. Different caterers and venues charge differently. Sometimes they may charge per plate, which is per person.

Use these two fun and easy guest list guides to help make your life a little bit easier! These step by step guides make will save you a ton of confusion, and time. (Images by: Huff Post and It’s A Bride Life) Of course, some of us also want an old fashioned guide like the one below:

Start out by making a rough draft of your guest list and start cutting down from there. The rough draft is really helpful because it helps put your wedding in perspective. “Was it really necessary to put your friend from seventh grade, whom you barely talk to anymore on the guest list?” Discuss the must-haves at your wedding with your partner and see what conclusion you both come to. If your weddings and reception is at two different locations you can always invite people to one event instead of both. This can help cut down the cost but at the same time make your loved ones feel important.

Advice for an intimate wedding:

Make a set number of bridesmaids and groomsmen, that way you never go overboard. Then split the guest list between you and your partner. Start breaking it down from immediate family, relatives (i.e. cousins, uncles, aunts) that you know you want there, and then branch out to the miscellaneous guests. Weird term, I know. By that I mean maybe your boss, a colleague, or someone your parents find crucial to invite.

Advice for a big wedding:

This gives you the leisure to go all out, but you should still make a rough draft of your guest list. After all, who wants to spend extra time and money when it’s not needed? Once you decide on who you want there. Make a separate list for family of both sides, VIP, and out of town guests. Making a list for the out-of-towner’s helps because you may need to make arrangement to accommodate their stay.

But no matter which type of wedding your having, always have fun with the planning. After all your wedding is celebration of true love.

Images via: Huff Post, and It’s A Bride Life


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